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About Nadi Vaidyam
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There is a treatment called Nadi Vaidyam which can heal all major problems for which surgery is the only way to treat. It is a method alternative to medication. It also cures most diseases which cannot be cured by medicines within a short time.
Nadi Vaidyam care can also ease pain in the mid-back, neck, and joints of the arms, hands, and legs. It also provides relief from the pain of migraine and other headaches, muscle spasms, and nerve inflammation that can cause numbness and tingling.
What is Nadi Vaidyam?
The best known alternative therapy today, Nadi Vaidyam focuses on the manipulation of the spine and other joints to help treat a variety of problems involving bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. People doing Nadi Vaidyam treatment primarily use their hands to apply pressure to a joint or group of joints. This treatment is known as an "adjustment" or a "manipulation." The aim of using manipulation is to provide relief for pain or stiffness, and to improve posture as well as the function of nerves, joints, and muscles. Spinal manipulation has been practiced for thousands of years.
Nadi Vaidyam Works - It’s As Simple As That
People doing Nadi Vaidyam treatment help the body to heal itself by trying to correct the source of a problem, not just eliminate symptoms. Many times the source of a health problem is a spinal misalignment, which interferes with the nerve supply to a tissue or organ. This nerve interference can lead to pain, immune system malfunctions, and ultimately disease. A specialist can detect, correct and prevent these nervous system interferences. This means he can help you live without pain, improve your range of mobility, increase your resistance to disease, and maximize your body’s ability to heal.
How Nadi Vaidyam Helps Restore Your Health
The nervous system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves which branch off and go to and from tissues and organs. The brain is protected by the skull, and the spinal cord is protected by 24 movable bones (the vertebrae) which make up the spinal column. Your nervous system is in direct control of all of your organs, tissues and cells.
Pairs of nerve roots exit the spine from between each two vertebra. When a vertebra becomes misaligned or doesn’t move properly, it can irritate and damage a nerve. This is called a subluxation.
Interruption of the nerve supply affects corresponding organs, tissues and systems in the body. It can cause back pain, neck pain, headaches and radiating pain down your arms or legs, and countless other symptoms from diminished energy to insomnia, menstrual cramps and indigestion.
So, what contributes to the improper movement and positioning of the vertebrae? Many things, including sports injuries, car accidents, and improper lifting. Daily stress, poor diet, sitting too much and everyday activities can also cause subluxations. Even the process of birth many times causes injury to a baby’s fragile spine.
A Nadi Vaidyam specialist can identify and correct subluxations in your spine. Once he detects nervous system interference, he will recommend a program tailored specifically for you. To help restore your health, he will give you specific adjustments to restore proper movement and position of the vertebrae in your spine.
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